Discussion Questions for Vic: Terror Incognita

1.  What impressed you most about the Amazon?

2.  Have you ever eaten any of the plants which Vic and Lin ran across?  Which, and how did you like it?

3.  What differences do you see in attitude toward unwed pregnancy  in 1920 and now?  What pros and cons do you see for each?

4.  Do you ever take road trips of fifty miles or more?  Would you go if the drive was on gravel or dirt roads (auto trails)?

5.  How did you feel about Shona and Nador and what happened?

6.  Do you work to stay in shape and “ready” like Vic and Lin?  They walk and lope (jog), lift stones (weight lifting), practice with weapons and practice gung-fu, ride horses and a few other things.  Do you do any of those?

7.  Other than Vic and Lin, who was your favorite character?

8.  When Vic makes the battle cry of the tribe of Nu it makes animals flee and tightens fingers on your spine!  What do you think it sounds like?

9. Are you afraid of high places?  Would you attempt to climb a 180 foot tree like Vic?

10.  You may not have an avatar as real as Nat-ul, but do you have a little voice that tells you when you’ve done less than you could, and tells you to do better next time?

11.  Vic loves America and has great respect for the military.  Perhaps the one really hurtful part of the trip was Egan.  Can you relate?

12.  If you were on the trip, which foe would have worried you most and why?  Lokars, Sagyrs, Tis, anaconda, Downing, Indians, mosquitos



Among other things, animals and plants, size of Amazon, local food, Conan Doyle on steam ship - are all factual.

References used for this book can be seen here.

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