Discussion Questions for  Vic: Time Doesn’t Matter

1.  What did you think about all the things Vic ate?  Would you eat what she did?  What would you like most?
2.  Did you know the animals Vic encountered lived in Mexico? Which ones surprised you?
3.  What do you think you’d be thinking and feeling if you fell into an underground river like Vic?
4.  Would you like to live in the stupendously savage time of Nat-ul?  Why or why not?
5.  If you had an experience like Vic had in Africa, would you want to look for Nu?  Would you use the same method?
6.  Have you ever had a strange experience where you knew ahead of time what would happen?
7.  Do you think it would take a lot of courage to hunt alone for leopards or wait to shoot a charging Cape buffalo until he was just ten paces from you?  Think you would do it?
8.  Other than Vic who was the most interesting character?
9.  What did you enjoy most about the book?
10. Do you feel you got to know Vic pretty well?  Did the book make you want to know her better?
11.  Did the book increase your interest (or spark an interest) in any specific topic, like: slavery, reincarnation, exotic food, Mexico, Mayan civilization, history, prehistory, archaeology)?
12.  What do you think about Vic’s fashion sense?  Cloches, barrettes, willowy dresses and things pink?  Do you agree with the decision to cut her hair?
13. Do you know which creatures probably did not live in the time of Nat-ul?
14.  Did reading this book change the way you think about life or some part of your life?



Among other things, Morley, info about Chichen Itza (except for hidden door), huipils, plants and animals in Mexico (except for Thunderbird), are all factual - and the door and Thunderbird COULD be true, couldn’t they?
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