Sneak peak at novel #1, Time Doesn’t Matter

Time Doesn’t Matter


Never Give Up

Terror Incognita



Language reference


Quite a bit of research goes into each novel.  Historical research to make sure Mounds and Zero were around to be Vic’s favorites.  Nature and science research to make sure it’s caimans on the Amazon, not crocs.  Those sorts of things.  Links are given to sites where information was gathered for each novel.

I’m behind on getting Event references posted but they are coming.

The Wesley Richards .577 is used by Vic.  It’s not exactly a .22    Here is a really funny video of people firing a .577 who don’t hold it right and underestimate the power.

A lot of things Vic Challenger does seem incredible but they are all possible.  Many, though, are not easy and can be very dangerous.  As the saying goes, “Don’t try this at home.”  Watch this video.  See just what a woman can do!  Kacy is definitely a Vic Girl!  Awesome!

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Vic Challenger Resource Hub

“The Lost World” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1912.  Original text. I formatted  for 5x7 page and put in pdf.  Great story! Vic Challenger’s favorite book!  Get it!

Pulp Fan?  You need to check out these sites! Pulp shows, what’s new, where to find your favorite pulp, blog links and lots more!

Pulp Coming Attractions        Airship27     Art’s Reviews. recently did write-up about Vic: Event   See it here

Read about Molly Pitcher in the Revolutionary War. (Pdf)