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Quite a bit of research goes into each novel.  Historical research to make sure Mounds and Zero were around to be Vic’s favorites.  Nature and science research to make sure it’s caimans on the Amazon, not crocs.  Those sorts of things.  Links are given to sites where information was gathered for each novel.

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Adventures with Vic

My personal journal with things like recipes, survival skills, history, fashion, travel, and more.  Basically anything that comes up in a Vic Challenger novel is fair game.  So are pet peeves .

Vic Challenger’s Journal

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Here are some nice videos related to Vic which I’m sure you will enjoy.  Vic novels have trailer which are posted on the page of the specific novel.

The Wesley Richards .577 is used by Vic.  It’s not exactly a .22    Here is a really funny video of people firing a .577 who don’t hold it right and underestimate the power.

A lot of things Vic Challenger does seem incredible but they are all possible.  Many, though, are not easy and can be very dangerous.  As the saying goes, “Don’t try this at home.”  Watch this video.  See just what a woman can do!  Kacy is definitely a Vic Girl!  Awesome!

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Reviewer: As the book descriptions promise, the book is a thrill a minute and is difficult to pull away from.
Reviewer: A written equivalent of a Spielberg film. Think Tomb Raider meets Jurassic Park.

Reviewer:  A sweeping action-adventure yarn a la Indiana Jones but with a strong woman in the lead.
Reviewer: Great character and location development that took you along with the characters

Reviewer: Buy this book, buckle up and get ready for the ride!
Reviewer: an incredible tale full of interesting characters, plot twists, historical tidbits, and nonstop action

Reviewer: Absolutely nothing about the plot line(s) is predictable
Reviewer:  amazing job portraying the scenery, and the reader will for sure feel like they are witnessing everything

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Reviewer: another grand adventure that will keep you entertained and engaged!

Reviewer: This was my first time reading Gill’s books, as per recommendation from a friend, and I’m so glad I did! The novel was incredibly easy to read, and what I’d call one of my “weekend treats.”

More (Great) Stuff

“The Lost World” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1912.  Original text. I formatted  for 5x7 page and put in pdf.  Great story! Vic Challenger’s favorite book!  Get it!

Vic’ biographer interviewed 3/20/2016 on Art’s Reviews podcast.   Click speaker and listen here or visit  http://artsreviews.libsyn.com/

Art Sippo is a pulp aficionado who has forgotten more about pulp fiction than you and I ever knew!  Check him out on Art’s Reviews.


Pulp Fan?  You need to check out these sites! Pulp shows, what’s new, where to find your favorite pulp, blog links and lots more!

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