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When you recover from Howlers, have a bite of meat to eat.  

Vic Challenger loves hot peppers and coffee but without a doubt her favorite culinary item is bacon!  Here you get some of Vic’s favorite ways to incorporate bacon, food of queens, into any meal.

These journals  measure 8 ½ x 11 inches.

They are perfect bound - standard paperback binding.

Oowww!  Hear the howls?  They are hungry and they are coming!
Enjoy a sad and bloody tale of men and women becoming rapacious creatures whose bestial rage has no bounds.  Scotland may be de-populated by humans as they are replaced by whatever these are!  Are they werewolves or just diseased?  Call Vic Challenger before it is too late!  Did I mention the zombie?
Vic Challengers first picture book!  Read it In the light of day! Full color, fabulously illustrated with full page images.  8x10.  Last page is image of sweet little wolfy


… can be such a joy, adventure, release, advisor and much, much more!  Journal about your days and moods, from argh! to yahoo! or anything else that catches your fancy!   Common uses include:

- Keep track of progress in a personal pursuit

- Note fascinating things seen or words heard

- Chronicle an experiment, hobby or trip

- List “Do’s” and “Done’s”

- Blow off steam, safely
- Clearly see the answers you didn’t know you had

- Create your own poems, stories, songs, etc

- Soundboard & incubator for ideas

- Keep notes from a class or series of lectures

- Accountability buddy for goals

- A tool to work through problems & survive ordeals

- Safe place to say anything without judgement
- Share hopes and wisdom with the future

- Focus when your monkey mind won’t let you be

- Daily diary and basis for a memoir
- Work record of problems and solutions
- Replay of actions and suggestions for next time

- Log book for dreams, both waking and sleeping

When you journal you are in good company.  Among the ranks of famous journalers:

Louisa May Alcott    
Marie Curie
Ralph Waldo Emerson     
F Scott Fitzgerald
Anais Nin       

Michael Palin
General George Patton      

Beatrix Potter

Educators, counselors, and writers (among others) use and recommend journals.  Don’t feel intimidated by the fancy company you keep, though.  There is no right or wrong way to journal.  Journal when you want, when you have time, as frequently as feels right.  You are free to doodle or draw or cut & paste photos in your journal.  You are  a member of a special group.  Enjoy it, learn from it, pass it on.

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Record your dreams,
awake and sleeping!

A place for your unfiltered opinion of life’s ups and downs!

A place for your innermost thoughts to come alive!

Immortalize your personal adventures!

Write your own engrossing story!

Foodies, jot down that recipe or review!

Journal pages plus planning calendars to help you reach goals!

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