Discussion Questions for Vic: Never Give Up

1.  Have you ever heard of haggis?  Have you eaten it?  Would you?
2.  Do you believe there is a monster in Loch Ness?
3.  Would you walk on lonely roads at night in the fog if you had seen a giant reptile in the area?
4.  Would you like to be a writer like Vic and Lin?  Why or why not?
5.  Would you jump from a plane the way Vic and Lin did?
6.  Have you ever had a strange experience where you knew ahead of time what would happen?
7.  If you were on a ship that sank like the Titanic and survived, would you want to be on a ship ever again?
8.  Which of the villains did you think was worst?
9.  What did you enjoy most about the book?
10. Do you feel you got to know Vic pretty well?  Did the book make you want to know her better?
11.  Did the book increase your interest (or make you interested) in any specific topic, like: reincarnation, exotic food, Scotland, Loch Ness, flying saucers,  the 1920’s, archaeology?
12.  Would you like to travel on  an ocean liner like the Olympic?
13.  If you could travel to any place Vic goes in this novel, which would you choose?
14.  When something bad happens to you, does it really get you down or can you see it as “just life” and deal with it?  Or somewhere in between?
15. Have you ever been frightened to do something and did it anyway?  Or were you like Vic and Lin, and didn’t think about it until later?
16.  Did reading this book change the way you think about life or some part of your life?
17.  Have you read other Vic novels?  If so, which did you like best?



There were drawings of Nessie 1000 years ago?

Rules Restaurant still exists?

Sawney Bean and Christy Cleek were real or may just legends - depends on where you look.

The article about the cave in  Arizona is real?

You can find references used in this book here.

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