Discussion Questions for Vic: Mongol

1.  How did you feel about Lin and Vic eating the things they ate?
2.  Did you have any idea what a tarbagan/marmot was? Wapiti?
3.  What do you think you’d be thinking and feeling if you saw a real death worm?  Would you try to tell people?
4.  Would you like to vividly remember a past life like Vic?
5.  If you recalled a past life,  would you want to look for your lost love?  Would you use the same method?  Remember, no internet, no cell phones.
6.  Have you ever had a strange experience where you knew ahead of time what would happen?
7.  Do you think it would take a lot of courage to attack 100 or more marauders? Or enter an underground lost city?  Think you would do it?
8.  Other than Vic who was the most interesting character?
9.  What did you enjoy most about the book?
10. Do you feel you got to know Vic pretty well?  Did the book make you want to know her better?
11.  Did the book increase your interest (or make you interested) in any specific topic, like: reincarnation, exotic food, Mongolia, the 1920’s, horsemanship, prehistory, archaeology)?
12.  How would you feel about living somewhere that had so much fighting and daily danger?
13. Have you ever been frightened to do something and did it anyway?  Or were you like Vic and Lin, and didn’t think about it until later?
14.  Did reading this book change the way you think about life or some part of your life?
15.  How do feel about Vic’s thinking that the circumstances of the time and place at least partly justify brutality in someone like Captain Unegen?



There have been legends of deathworms for 1000 years?
Among other things - no Mongolian money or army, the Mad Baron, the foods and animals and trees, Beijing was Peking, Ulaanbaatar was was Urga - are factual.
The name Dalan Bulag may be in no other book on earth.  The present day name of the town is Dalanzadgad.  I could find no reference to previous name.  Hawaii state librarians helped.  The couldn’t find anything either so contacted colleagues in Mongolia and learned ‘verbally’, you know, old fashioned human to human communication - from senior professors as university there - it was call Dalan Bulag.  Hurray for libraries!  Support yours!

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