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Discussion Questions for action adventure novel Vic: Fast

1. Would you willingly eat the ‘bush tucker’ Vic and Lin ate?  (Bats, ants, wombats, etc)

2.  Would you go after the bushrangers?

3.  How would you feel if you accidentally killed someone even in self defense?

4. What seemed Vic’ s greatest challenge to you?

5.  Have you ever avoided someone the way Mai and Yana did?  Has anyone ever treated you that way?

6. Were you surprised about how Vic and Lin met?

7. Did you ever realize that social issues of 100 years ago existed a 100 years before that, and still exist to some extent?  Do you think such problems as bullying and racism will exist 100 years from now?

8. Were you surprised by the treasure?

9. How do you feel about the tip, “the slightest scrap of information may save your life?”  Have you ever experienced that situation?

10.  Would you like to visit Australia?  What interests you about it?  If you live in Australia, have you visited the Outback? How was it?

11. Did you know seasons are reversed between southern and northern hemispheres?


Nancy Wake was real and became a celebrated hero in World War 2?

You could tell time with the stars?

Acacias and wattles are names for the same trees?

Among other things - all mentioned bush tucker, bore drains, the vast distances, camel patrol, albumen prints, the bushrangers mentioned by Pete- are all factual.

References used for Vic: Fast are here.