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Author Bio

Jerry Gill writes novels because it’s an adventure and a terrific learning experience, too.  The Vic Challenger series began as a combination tribute/role model for some wonderful hanai nieces. Growing up, he devoured the usual action diet: Verne, Wells, Haggard, Burroughs, etc.  He also is a fan of Tom Robbins, Richard Bach, Thomas Burnett Swann and loves Nancy Drew.  He admits his way of writing is perhaps unusual.  Novels are not planned.  He watches the “movie” in his head, avoids consciously directing and then writes it down.  Jerry lives in Hawaii and shares 3 culinary fixations with his action heroine Vic Challenger - coffee, hot peppers and meat, especially bacon. His favorite quote to live by, from Vic Challenger, of course, "You don't need to be brave, you just need to do what needs done!" Alongside that is a quote by one of his favorite action movie icons, Arnold Schwarzenegger  - “The worst thing I can be is like everyone else.  I hate that.”

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What can you expect in every Vic Challenger novel?
Bad guys, cryptids, mention of some timeless social issue, a bit of factual 1920’s nostalgia and nature, and Vic continues the search for her lost love. All accompanied by unrelenting, unpredictable action!

What’s at the Resource Hub?
Personal journal, fun movies (not trailers), links to science/history references for all books, links to starter discussion questions for book clubs, a poster preview.

Posters?  Quotes on Vic Challenger posters.  PIN buttons for each, or take a pdf copy and print it. All free!

Trailers?  Every novel has a trailer and all are located on the Novels page.

What is Vic Challenger all about?

Series– In a violent vision, a 1920’s farm girl discovers she is a reincarnated cave girl.  Refusing to accept that true love dies, she reasons that if she is back her love from 100,000 years ago must be back, too - and she intends to find him.  Under the pen name Vic Challenger, working as a journalist writing about adventure travel to finance her effort, Vic  rallys the stupendously savage instincts of that former life with a modern education to embark on an international search  where she must battle brutal men and ferocious beasts as she seeks the love she lost 1000 generations ago!

#1 Vic: Time Doesn’t Matter
While big game hunting in Africa, Victoria discovers her powerful and savage alter ego, remembers her soul mate from 1000 generations past and determines to find him. She secures a tentative position with her local paper to write adventure travel articles and begins her search on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, where she fights mythical beasts, war criminals and more, and realizes the modern world may hold as many dangers as her stone age life!

#2 Vic: Mongol  
Continuing the search for the love she lost in the stone age, Vic travels  to Outer Mongolia with her friend from high school, Lin Li, and must unleash the savage personality of her previous primitive life to save herself and others from a gang of Redbeards, acid spitting cryptids, and a maniac warlord who wants to rule Mongolia!

#3 Vic: Never Give Up
The reincarnated cave girl learns again and again how harsh life can  be as she must race the clock and save kidnapped children to begin her trip, and then a centuries old evil and a sea serpent join forces to devour an entire village and end Vic’s search for her lost love!

#4 Vic: Terror Incognita
The reincarnated cave girl continues the search for her lost love along the 50,000 savage miles of waterways in the brutal jungles of the Amazon where she discovers what she thought was fiction is real, loses friends, and must survive greedy men, prehistoric beasts, and a maniac from her dim past to make it back to civilization!

#5 Vic: Fast
The reincarnated cave girl visits family in Australia and when her aunt is robbed Vic chases the bad guys to a mysterious grotto where legend says a horrible monster guards a family treasure and along the way faces desperados, savage, legendary beasts and a deadly environment!  

#6  Vic: Event

After a hard ride of happy expectancy followed by bleak disappointment, Vic asks her friend “O” to help look for a veteran who may be her lost love and Vic agrees to return the favor by checking out what was termed the Tunguska Event.  Simple, safe? Gun battles, aerial dogfight, bitter cold, and something never seen before – on earth!  Can it be more deadly than her other trips?  Definitely!

Vic’ biographer interviewed 3/20/2016 on Art’s Reviews podcast.   Click speaker and listen here or visit  http://artsreviews.libsyn.com/

Art Sippo is a pulp aficionado who has forgotten more about pulp fiction than you and I ever knew!  Check him out on Art’s Reviews.


A sample of what readers say.  More and full reviews are on the Home Page at each book.

 Vic:Fast… Author Jerry Gill continues to deliver fun, fast-paced and off-beat adventure in this series. Featuring all manner of strange mythical creatures, cryptids, the series blends myth, history and adventure.  Mike Gagnon, Hammer Books on   


Vic:Fast…touches on themes like survival, intolerance, justice and the defining choices of an individual. ...The characters are colourful, complex and unforgettable -


Vic: Terror Incognita   …written well and has excellent attention to detail and

stunning visual descriptions. Rae Phillips


Vic: Terror Incognita …Fantastic series, just keeps getting better!  Another fast paced adventure in the Vic series! Vic and Lin Li's adventures are wildly entertaining and there's plenty of surprises along the way.  By Kitty Smith TOP 500 REVIEWER


Vic: Never Give Up… Vic Challenger personifies every sword or ax wielding heroine ever drawn by any heroic fantasy artist. Her character and her behavior are beyond reproach,.... I couldn't put this book down. I read it in one sitting.  Pilot Robert (Albuquerque, NM, US) http://www.amazon.com/gp/review/R1DMBPM9X4CRHT?ref_=glimp_1rv_cl

Vic: Never Give Up… I totally enjoyed this book (and this series). It's got a strong female main character, it's got plenty of action and brushes with death, and it would make a really good movie. This is very much worth reading.   Paul Lappen VINE VOICE Blog:  deadtreesreview

Vic: Mongol… Great character and location development that took you along with the characters and what they were experiencing…Recommended.   Shirley Priscilla Johnson  Amazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE http://www.midwestbookreview.com/mbw/jun_14.htm#shirley

Vic: Mongol… if I were to imagine it on the big screen, I’d see a sweeping action-adventure yarn a la Indiana Jones but with a strong woman in the lead. ..... incredibly detailed adventures ...Think Jane being every bit as fearless as Tarzan.

The skillful mix of history, action, and adventure, with a bit of science fiction makes for a potent cocktail.   From Scandalous Woman

Vic: Time Doesn’t Matter… A written equivalent of a Spielberg film. Think Tomb

Raider meets Jurassic Park. "Time doesn't matter" is an action packed, vividly described novel that switches between prehistoric and modern times…Lex hooi

Vic: Time Doesn’t Matter…As the book descriptions promise, the book is a thrill a minute and is difficult to pull away from. It has been a while since I have read a book which is actually more action and adventure than any other genre… Fox


Vic: Time Doesn’t Matter…Very enjoyable historical adventure…Vic was very easy to like and the adventure itself had some great action alongside some good  historical references. Definitely recommend this one.  TFLReader TOP 500 REVIEWER

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